PRBE Brand Story: Message from the Founder

PRBE Brand Story: Message from the Founder

Thank you for taking the opportunity to learn about Paige René Body Essentials.

This company is dear to my discovery and journey of self-care.

During my college days, money and simple everyday items became scarce and unreachable. I could not afford my hair care, skin care, supplements, relaxation aids…you name it.  

So, I started researching how I could make these products. I knew for a fact I did not want to get my hands on anything I could not pronounce, which was most of the ingredient list. I just wanted to take care of myself without fear of slathering toxins all over my body.

Natural & botanical ingredient research and many experiments led to the creation of everyday body essential products that are safe and beneficial. 

Self-care is necessary, freeing, and radical. I am more than excited for you to embark on your journey with all that PRBE has to offer.


Be sure to join our family! 

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