Self-massages go beyond skin maintenance. It is a powerful routine that helps reduce stress, increase happiness, and level our moods.  

What are the Benefits of a Self-Massage 

We could all use more calm in our lives. When was the last time you enjoyed a massage? You probably released tension or gained a burst of energy. 

Have you heard of a self-massage? A massage has great benefits from the comfort of the spot you are planted. You actively show your body some tender love & care. 

So why does the power of massage make us feel so good? Well, the sense of touch helps our skin release oxytocin, the love hormone. Self-massage also helps increase our dopamine and serotonin levels—this is where the boost of our feel-good hormones comes from. It can help drop levels of our natural stress hormone, cortisol, and lower your heart rate & blood pressure. 

How to Self-Massage 

Massages are viewed as an indulgence, a treat. But what if we think of self-massage as part of our self-care routine? 

Try choosing our Sail Away Pain Relief Oil or Daily Moisturizing Lotion:  

  • Warm the product between your palms and continue long strokes up your arms, toward your heart. Try this on your legs, too. 
  • Lower your shoulders and straighten your back. Warm the product between your palms and sweep your hands from the back of your neck to the front. Focus circular motion on tight areas. 
  • Apply product to your fingertips and massage your temple gently, circularly.
  • Oil your fingertips and place them at your mid-to-lower back. Place your thumbs on your side. Apply pressure and slowly move fingertips up your spine, towards your heart. Press thumbs lightly as you massage. 
  • Warm product between your palms and apply to your feet. Pay close attention to your soles and in-between your toes. 

Massage as a Self-Care Routine 

The great thing about self-massages is they can occur anytime, anyplace. Challenge yourself to massage every part of you – the jiggly parts, the hairy parts, and the rough spots too. However, you approach self-massage, do it with the utmost care & love for yourself.  

Remember, it’s about tuning in to what your body needs and what makes it feel better.

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