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Get to Know PRBE: 

Paige René Body Essentials is a small, black owned business created to provide body care products that Mother Nature would approve. We combined the healing powers of plants with other natural ingredients to ensure self care is not paired with worry. We also formulate all skin products with the protection of melanin complexions in mind. 

We pride ourselves on handcrafted products made with the best quality ingredients. Everything we offer is all natural, vegan, and cruelty, paraben, sulfate, & phthalate-free. Harsh ingredients can upset the balance our bodies work so hard to  maintain. This motivates us to research each and every ingredient we use before formulating. The results are all natural products to soothe and benefit you each day. 

Taking care of you is a key element to life. Indulge in the beauty of self care with us. 



PRBE Brand Story: Message from the Founder 

Thank you for taking the opportunity to learn about Paige René Body Essentials. This business is dear to my discovery and journey of self care. During my college days, money and simple everyday items became scarce and unreachable. I could not afford my hair care, skin care, supplements, relaxation aids…you name it.  

So, I started researching how I could make these products. I knew for a fact I did not want to get my hands on anything I could not pronounce. I just wanted to take care of myself without fear of slathering toxins all over my body. Natural & botanical ingredient research and many experiments led to the creation of everyday body essential products that are safe and beneficial. 

Self care is necessary, freeing, and radical. I am more than excited for you to embark on your journey with all that Paige René Body Essentials has to offer.


Paige René